About us

  Our statement

We offer all the benefits of employing fully qualified and highly experienced in-house IT specialists, but at a fraction of the cost. We get to know you and your business so that we can provide appropriate advice.

Trust our approachable IT specialists to quickly get to the bottom of:

  • Server, PC and laptop hardware breakdowns or poor performance
  • Software conflicts and incompatibilities
  • Network connectivity and configuration issues
  • Email and DNS problems
  • Virus and malware infections

Whatever your business needs, we have a reliable, up-to-date, friendly team of Microsoft Certified Professionals ready for action whenever you call.


Our founder and lead IT consultant Jason Davey started his IT career in 2003 with a computer repairs company where he built and repaired computers, installed software as required and offered advice to customers.

During 2004 he moved to a well established chartered accountancy firm, where his role was to keep downtime to a minimum and to provide an excellent technical service to over 150 staff members, across three different locations. He assisted with the Windows NT to Windows Server 2003 migration and his role soon expanded to providing IT consultancy to local companies. In 2006 he became qualified as a Microsoft Certified Professional.

In 2008 he took a different direction in IT and became a web developer at a web development company. His position involved building bespoke e-commerce solutions for companies requiring an online commerce presence. This lead him to create an e-commerce solution of his own 'Total Shop UK', which he released publicly under the Open Source license in 2009, where he used technologies such as PHP, CodeIgniter, HMVC, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX, HTML and CSS.

During 2009 he went to work for a IT services company where he provided IT consultancy, business support and web development.

In early 2010 he joined a financial services company as the IT manager where he managed a team of professionals. The systems that he installed, managed and maintained included Windows Server, Linux, VMware and Microsoft Exchange. He planned the relocation of the company's IT systems and developed web portals specific to the company's requirements, which included a system for secure international collaboration between banks, financial institutions and other legal entities.

Jason enjoys improving IT systems and developing code, using the knowledge and experience gained over the years he decided to incorporate UKCE Ltd to offer expertise in IT and web development.

  Our ethos

Our ethos is grounded in a simple idea that technology can help us all improve the way we work.


Technology is constantly evolving, with this in mind we are constantly adapting to new trends to ensure that we're not left behind.